Chalet karlov hidden door frames DORSIS

Family house Karlov

The combination of a wooden building and a monolithic building is also reflected in the interior, where carefully patterned wood dominates, complemented by one-color surfaces in dark shades. We had the honor to participate in this project by supplying doors and hidden door frames, including assembly.
realization of hidden door frames Modřany

Family house Radimovice

"The task was a house for a married couple with grown-up children. So from the beginning, we conceived the whole design as a house for two people," says architect Michal Kunc from Atelier Kunc Architects. We wanted the house to be modern at first sight, open to the garden and completely anonymous in views from the street, "describes Alžběta Vrabcová. by printing directly on the surface of the glass and the sliding all-glass wall in the ceiling rail.