Our production is characterized by a focus on high quality, innovative design, functionality and reliability. The key element that defines our products is DORSIS concealed frames and doors.

Company executives: David Velímský and Jan Krejčí

  • 2012

    At the end of 2012, the idea was born in the minds of the company's founders to offer a minimalist door solution with a hidden door frame in the Czech Republic

  • 2013

    after many years in the field of doors and floors, we started importing hidden frames, doors and cases from an Italian manufacturer - we are implementing the first orders in Bohemia and Moravia. Active business, marketing and working with clients and architects is what we enjoy.


  • 2014

    we are building showrooms in Brno and Kolín, exhibiting successfully at IBF Brno and FORARCH Prague, expanding our team and aiming for the Slovak and Austrian markets. Great interest in our products motivates us to continue working.

  • 2015

    a great year, another fundamental expansion of the company team and product portfolio, the most important realizations of VILA VISTA in Hanspaulka and ESSENS in Brno, exhibition at FORARCH Prague with great success.


  • 2016

    a key year for the development of the company, the beginning of our own production of DURUS 45, FORTIUS 52 hidden window profiles and also the LINUS hidden plinth. We are excited to continue development and work on other important projects.

  • 2017

    we are completing the showroom in Olomouc, the redesign of the showroom in Kolín, we are launching the FORTIUS EI 30 hidden door frame fire protection solution. We are starting to appear under the new company name DORSIS. We are expanding our product portfolio with DIGERO aluminum dividers and AXON pivot doors.


  • 2018

    We are opening an exclusive design showroom in Sykora Home Brno in Brno. We are exhibiting at the CONSTRUMA trade fair in Budapest, we are completing countless projects, including NOTINO Brno and the Majakovský apartment building in Bratislava. We are opening a showroom in Jesenice near Prague, which allows us to be closer to customers from Prague and the surrounding area.

  • 2019

    we are also building a team and moving production and administration to premises of adequate size in Klejnarská Street in Kolín. Cooperation with our business partner in the USA is starting to develop, we are completing the beautiful implementation of Chalet Karlov and the administrative building of the company Wurth in Mladá Boleslav.


  • 2020

    A challenging year for the whole world, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to adapt to the situation and change our communication and business strategy, yet we implemented a record number of orders up to that time. We include other great projects in the portfolio of realizations, e.g. PRAGUE KARLÍN, BD Sámova and LANIK Boskovice.

  • 2021

    COVID-19 is still with us, complicating business, however, a large number of orders drives us forward, until it leads us to the need for an in-depth analysis of company processes. We work on the overall structure of the company and the optimization of processes and production. Many interesting orders bring a record turnover year, but at the same time many tasks and challenges until the next year.


  • 2022

    We continue to improve and consolidate processes, expand and stabilize the team. We are finalizing the extremely demanding Villa TROJA project, interest in our products continues to grow in Europe, we are devoting time to developing cooperation with our partner in the USA. Turnover increase again.

  • 2023



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Thank you for 10 successful years and we look forward to a future together.

Czech company Dorsis – pioneers with the system of hidden door frames!

Welcome to Dorsis s.r.o., a Czech company with a long-standing tradition in the field of hidden door frames. We are proud that we were one of the first on the Czech market to bring innovative solutions in the form of doors and hidden frames. We have been working with this concept since 2013, during which time we have gained invaluable experience and many satisfied customers.
Our experience and expertise know no borders and we implement projects not only in the Czech Republic, but also all over the world.
Quality and precision are our top priority. Every year, we implement more than 500 orders, with care and a professional approach to each project. Our hidden door systems and industrial partitions are designed and manufactured with the latest trends and customer requirements in mind.

How does the collaboration work?

Getting to know the products

Visit one of our showrooms, where we will be happy to present our range of door systems and concealed frames. Our experienced sales managers will provide you with detailed information about products and a wide range of options and help you find the best possible solution.

Focus and consultation

When ordering a door system from us, we start with a thorough survey of the space and individual consultations with architects and a construction company.

Open communication with the customer

We believe in the importance of communication with our customers. We will keep you informed every step of the process and take into account your wishes and needs.

Choosing the optimal solution

Together with you, we select the most suitable design, materials and technologies so that the system best meets your needs.

Professional team of technicians and designers

Our expert technicians and designers will create all the necessary documents and detailed plans for the optimal implementation of the project. With their experience, they will help you avoid many problems. They communicate with architects and the construction company, they consult on tiling and carpentry and construction elements.

Precision manufacturing

The heart of our work is our own production, where we pay attention to quality and precision in order to create a first-class product.

Assembly and finishing

Our own team of installation technicians will carefully and professionally ensure installation so that the result exceeds your expectations.

Professional installation of hidden door frames

Above-standard care even after the warranty period has expired

Our customer service does not end with the expiration of the warranty period. We will take care of your door with care and service even after this period, so that you will be satisfied with our products in the long term.