From minimalism to industrial

The current trend in the concept of space leans towards both minimalism and industrialism. The combination of both styles can create an attractive and unique interior. Doors that Dorsis specializes in are an integral part of it. Whatever it is hidden door frames, unlined housings, or aluminum partitions, in any case, it is a carefully assembled product, a functional and design accessory for the interior. Dorsis doors From minimalism to industrial A clean, undisturbed space free from superfluous elements, details and decorations has been a trend of the last few years. In such an interior, doors with a hidden doorframe play a key role. However, their ability to blend in perfectly with the wall is not their only strength. The Dorsis aluminum profile has several advantages. Profiles Fortius 52 i Durus 45 they are designed so that they can be used in reverse. The door can thus be opened while maintaining the integrity of the view both outside and inside. The Fortius 52 concealed door model can be used up to a height of 3500 mm, with or without an upper lintel. Another advantage of Dorsis doors and hidden door frames is the possibility of chamfering them at any desired angle. Dorsis doors always adapt to space and can
it can also be installed in attic rooms, with maximum use of the space. The surface of the wooden door leaf can be finished by painting with high-quality polyurethane paint in any RAL shade, both in matt and fully glossy variants. The surface of the door can also be finished with veneer or trowel. Dorsis doors can thus stand out in space or can optically merge with the wall.

A novelty among Dorsis products is Woody doors.

With a cladding in the face and a wall on the profile, the hidden Fortius 52 door frame and finished with veneer are a complement to the interior, combining minimalist design with classic interior elements. This attractive product was created for such clients who desire designer living and at the same time want to maintain some traditional principles. An example of the perfect use of elements of industrial style are the Digero frame partitions. The safety tempered glass is set in an aluminum or steel frame and divided by aluminum strips into individual fields. It is possible to place a passage in the form of a door leaf in the partition. The glass door leaf can be both opening and sliding and an aluminum grid can be applied to it. Digero frame partitions can also be combined with Axon pivot doors. Industrial partitions brighten the interior not only with their appearance, but also with their ability to transmit light. A Satinato-coated glass plate can be used to create an intimate atmosphere.

In addition to hidden door frames, Dorsis also offers sliding doors, both along the wall and in a caseless housing. This design is great for spaces where there is less space and an open door leaf would be an obstacle. The sliding door leaf can be both wooden and glass - clear or sandblasted. But Dorsis is not just a design accessory. Dorsis has developed a system of doors and concealed frames with fire, safety and acoustic resistance.
From the first of November 2018, it is possible to visit the new Dorsis showroom in Prague. At the address V Roháči I. 1438, 252 42 Jesenice, an extraordinary space was created, which represents all the products that the company currently offers.
All the novelties can be seen in the minimalist interior with high ceilings, including new warming materials such as teak, knot oak or exotic makasar.