The door as minimalist
interior accessory

The Czech company Dorsis offers its customers interior door systems for modern interiors. It deals with their development, production and implementation. We talked with the company's co-owner and CEO Jan Krejčí about the beginnings and concept of the company, its focus on minimalist and industrial style, about individual products and plans for the future.

What products and services does Dorsis offer?
Development, production and implementation of exclusive interior door systems. This relatively long slogan sufficiently captures our work and product portfolio for modern interiors. Doors and concealed door frames are load-bearing products, but our comprehensive system with sliding doors, concealed skirting boards and concealed storage doors has plenty of space in modern interiors. We work with architects and designers as the design and minimalist concept of the interior begin
right next to them.  More info

How long has Dorsis been operating and where can we find you?
Dorsis is a relatively young brand, but with my colleague and co-owner David Velímský, we have been in the door industry for over twenty years. About seven years ago, we decided to use the potential of doors with a hidden frame for design interiors, because at that time the market was beginning to be ready for new possibilities. However, our clients, architects and their requirements still motivate us to develop and improve our products. Dorsis is a purely Czech company and brand; We manufacture most of our products in modern production in Cologne, where the company's headquarters are also located. You will find our showrooms in Prague, Brno and Olomouc.

What does the name Dorsis actually mean?
Dorsis is an acronym for what we do - door interior systems. After some corrections, we came to this name, which is well remembered and has taken hold today. It certainly helped that we are trying to make our brand more visible and conceptually move forward. More info