Production hall EVVA – GUARD Tišnov

The building is located in the location of industrial areas between two railway lines. On both sides of the construction site there was more or less loose existing development without an obviously defined street line. We approached the building with awareness of the need for maximum efficiency of use of the area.

LAGO showhouse Prague

An old idea in a modern coat with furniture from the Air collection and a door system from DORSIS More than 100 years ago, the American architect FL Wright removed the four walls delimiting the room to create a continuous space with a connection to the exterior and the surroundings of the house. "LAGO showhouse Prague" is the result of our efforts to interpret these ideas up-to-date.

Ivio Eye Clinic

The new IVIO eye clinic has found its headquarters in the middle of western Slovakia near the D1 motorway. The two-storey modern building on the outskirts of Trnava provided the operating and examination areas of the clinic as well as comfortable facilities for 30 employees and extensive HVAC facilities. The specifics of the design of medical facilities are within very strict medical, logistical, hygienic and technical limits, which are required by legislation and the specialties in the field of ophthalmology. The interior design of medical premises must thus combine all these, often even conflicting, requirements and design them.

Administrative and operational background of LANIK

The new headquarters building is designed as an entrance representative building and a new company headquarters. The building forms a new entrance feature of the complex and presents the current face of the company.
Realization of a door in a hidden door frame in the Church

Realization of hidden door frames in the church of Blessed Mary Restituta

SKY ABOVE LESNOU The proposed church is built on the ground plan of a circle, which is an ancient symbol of heaven and eternity (the square, on the other hand, refers to the earth and transience). The sky is reflected back in a large colored strip window that surrounds the church under the roof. It can thus be said that the circle floats above Lesna and in the transferred spiritual plane that the sky floats above Lesna.

automated warehouse with administrative premises WÜRTH

House machine. Warehouse as the perfect tool. Perfectly functioning, well lubricated and adjusted machine. "WÜRTH MACHINE" Sharp elbows, sharp clear lines. Functional shapes, nothing extra, nothing unnecessary.

The registered office of Eurovia CS

Realization of 90 pieces of doors and hidden door frames.

Baumit company in Bratislava.

We had the honor of supplying the door to the headquarters of one of the most successful brands of building materials in Europe, Baumit in Bratislava.