Production hall of the company EVVA - GUARD

This is a new construction of a production hall with administrative facilities in a part of the city with industrial premises.
In the administrative part, located between the hall and the street space in the front part of the complex, the quality and complexity of the solution is concentrated, while the production part was solved purely economically with a minimum of demanding elements.
Our goal was to find the basic characteristic, such own DNA, of EVVA and GUARD and its products, companies producing keys, locks and security locking systems for more than 100 years, and transfer them to the architecture of the new building, in which both companies could operate for another 100 years . Toothache. Modularity. The principle of insertion. Opening and closing. Economy and efficiency. Connection. Variability. These were the topics we worked with when designing the building.

Products in progress

About the project

Address:Wagner's TisnovCzech Republic
Investor:EVVA spol. s ro Prague, managing director Martin Koudelka
Realization:08.2020 – 09.2021
Built up area:1990m2
Enclosed area:9589m3
Costs:49 CZK
Photo: BoysPlayNice

Architectural principles

The principle of jaggedness – it was excellently applied in the triangular space defined for the administrative part. The individual offices are set back by one module at a time, creating the principle of a key – interlocking teeth – to the street.


Concealed door frames DORSIS DURUS 45

The layout is very simple and airy. All rooms on the north side have direct contact with the outdoor wooden terrace and garden.

Architectural solution
We divided the building into two units – our own production hall and the administrative part.

The administrative part is located in the space between the hall and the street space and creates an architecturally high-quality front step in front of the utilitarian production part.


Shower enclosure using the Fixed all-glass partition system in the DIGERO aluminum frame


Door in hidden frame DORSIS DURUS 45