The ideal door for a modern interior: the Dorsis Axon revolving door

Modern interiors place great demands on working with light, airiness and the overall brightness of the space. The most significant design trend today - minimalism - directly leads to a new concept of the main building elements, including doorways. Where possible, we leave the classic profiled door frames and doors and look for ways to take the door "new" and bring modern elegance to the interior.

Instead of partitions and doors, minimalist partitions and revolving doors can also be used, source: Dorsis

A proven method is, of course, doors with hidden door frames, which allow you to harmonize the door surface with the appearance of the entire interior, rear it or make it stand out. But what if our goal is to make the most of the entire width of the door opening, illuminate the interior and also bring a truly elegant luxury element to the apartment?


It meets the needs of builders and architects Dorsis offer of Axon pivot doors. Imagine a door that doesn't need door frames at all. Not only will they maintain the undisturbed line of the entire wall, but they will bring a completely new aesthetic to your interior - without door frames and transition edges or thresholds, you feel that the door space is much larger, the whole interior will "enlarge" and lighten.

Axon glazed pivot doors on eccentric hinges - the ideal solution for large spaces, source: Dorsis


Axon pivot doors rotate in invisible hinges with a load capacity of up to 150 kg, which are fixed to the ceiling and floor. Thanks to this, no door frame is needed, the door opens in a space without any disturbing elements. Even when the door is open, we perceive only the door frame and the clean finish of the walls.

The door itself can be housed in a thin aluminum frame, all-glass or all-wood. They are made to measure and can be of almost any size between the maximum height (up to 3 mm) and the width of the door leaf (up to 000 mm). If we install Axon doors in the dimensions of ordinary doors (ie 2-000 mm), the hinges are placed eccentrically to make the most of the width of the passage. But the pivot door looks great and works even in large spaces - the elegant Axon can be up to 800 meters wide and with the hinges located in the middle, the door can be rotated 900 °. This solution is therefore not only aesthetic, but also extremely practical.

The glazing of the pivot door ensures sufficient illumination of the interior interiors, source: Dorsis

In any case, it is advisable to solve the installation of pivot doors or doors with hidden door frames before finalizing the rough construction or preparing for the reconstruction. Dorsis manufactures all its products tailored to each project - the only way you can be sure that your new door will be not only beautiful, but also structurally suitable and reliable for a long time.

Axon pivot door, source: Dorsis

Axon pivot door Source: Dorsis