Czechs discover the beauty of hidden door frames

Czechs discover the beauty and minimalist charm of hidden door frames

The popular design style of hotel interiors abroad, which is widely used by renowned designers and architects - hidden door frames are simply trends in the world. Finally, even the Czechs do not lag behind and have door systems with hidden door frames made in their houses, flats and offices, following the example of their western neighbors.

High utility value and clean, undisturbed design

Hidden door frames are suitable for all interiors that prefer a clean and undisturbed design. They can be used for both commercial premises and family living. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you will most often find hidden Dorsis door frames. Most of the manufactured hidden door frames are surface-treated with powder coating according to a wide range of colors and the customer's wishes. A special aluminum alloy enables the painting of hidden door frames to be painted with the same interior color as the walls, thus achieving perfect integration and hiding of the door frame in the wall. In the portfolio of this purely Czech company, in addition to hidden door frames, you will also find classic door systems, popular glass partitions and walls, as well as rebate-free and reversible doors.

Sliding or glass doors in conjunction with a hidden door frame? No problem

Sliding or all-glass doors can also be fitted into hidden door frames. Easy unlined casings and hidden skirting boards will playfully take care of that. A modern feature is also the unique GezeActiveStop system - the perfect door damper, which ensures a gentle stop of the door, quiet closing and comfortable leaving of the door open. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the silencer is barely visible, so it fully meets even the most demanding design requirements.

Newly on the market also hidden door frames with fire resistance

At the beginning of 2017, the manufacturer Dorsis successfully tested, as the first and only on the Czech and Slovak market, a door with a hidden door frame with a fire resistance of 30 minutes. The novelty is called FORTIUS EI 30 and is again designed in a modern style according to the latest trends in interior architecture.

Doors with a hidden Dorsis frame, wall and door in the design of a visible trowel.

If you want to learn more about hidden systems, visit one of the Dorsis showrooms in Kolín, Olomouc and Brno or the website