Inspirational approach and innovative solutions

Dorsis is a specialist in doors and hidden door frames. The products it offers are an example of perfect development and perfection during processing and assembly.

dvere-352x198.jpgDoor with hidden frame they blend perfectly with the wall and thus create a clean, undisturbed and endlessly flowing interior. In addition to concealed door frames, Dorsis also offers sliding doors, both on the wall and in a caseless housing.

Two products from the wide Dorsis range are innovative solutions for space division: Axon pivot doors and Digero frame partitions. One of the trends in contemporary architecture and interior design is the industrial style. It comprehensively requires a lot of courage, as it reveals what other styles hide beneath the surface. It is about achieving a raw, sharp look with the help of not only architectural principles, but also interior accessories, from partitions to lighting fixtures, product design to the smallest details.

The principle of the industrial style is the transformation of structural elements into objects. They create a look that appears unfinished, but is complex, cohesive and elegant. The advantage of current trends is the possibility of combining them in order to create an original and original look. Elements of industrial style can cleverly enliven even a minimalist interior.

Frame partitions Digero Dorsis companies are an example of the perfect use of elements of industrial style to create a flawless product that will enliven any interior. The safety tempered glass is set in an aluminum or steel frame and is divided into individual fields by aluminum strips to create an industrial look. It is possible to place a passage in the form of a door leaf in the dividing wall. The glass door leaf can be both opening and sliding, and an aluminum grille can be applied to it. Digero frame partitions can also be combined with pivot doors Axon.

Pivot doors are an innovative solution for separating rooms. The doors on a concealed pivot hinge with the possibility of 360 ° rotation are made in the same way as the partitions from a hardened glass plate inserted into an aluminum profile. The pivot hinge has a load capacity of up to 150 kg, so the door leaf can be extra large. The placement of the hinge in the floor and ceiling makes the vertical lines of the door opening stand out and the pivot door thus forms a highly functional design element in the interior. When several pivot doors are placed one behind the other, a kinetic variably revolving wall is created, which is suitable for dividing the spaces of conference rooms and auditoriums. Whether it is a door with a hidden frame, sliding door, pivot door or industrial partitions, Dorsis products are always the perfect interior accessory and the quality of their workmanship will take your breath away.dvere-dorsis-se -idden-earned-728x409.jpg