Nine reasons to install a door with a hidden frame

The rise of minimalism as a major interior trend leads to the use of functional design elements that used to be reserved only for luxury projects. A great example is a door with hidden frames.

The very style of minimalism originated in the 40s - the original understanding of Mies van de Rohe's space after eighty years is smoothly followed by the creators of modern commercial projects and builders of family houses and apartments. Clean lines, timeless elegance and undisturbed space - these are the building blocks of minimalism before and today.

Invisible door in a hidden DORSIS door frame

By installing doors with concealed Dorsis frames, we will bring simplicity and straight lines to the interior, removing unnecessary frames, thresholds and tiling. The goal is simple - to ensure the overall simplicity and harmony of all the basic elements of the interior and to achieve maximum elegance.

"The essence of the success of Dorsis doors is actually a paradox - the quality of the door concept and hidden door frames is that the final product in the room is not visible. The door is aligned with the wall, the door frame, lock and hinges are completely hidden in the wall, only a thin gap is visible between the door and the wall, " says David Velímský, CEO of Dorsis. "The customer then decides only on the design of the door leaf itself."

Types of doors in a hidden frame


  • It is about comprehensive product "door frame-door"which allows you to choose a reliable solution for each project.
  • The construction of the hidden door frame is made of aluminum alloy T6060 with specially controlled processing, which guarantees strength and long-term quality, the door does not twist even during long-term use
  • The door thickness of 52 mm in combination with the robust construction also ensures the long-term strength of the door leaf. Thanks to the massiveness of the whole construction, it is possible to apply optional elements - hidden self-closing devices, door stops, electric opening, etc.
  • Passage height can be up to 3500mm, with or without lintel, with skylight or sloping
  • The thickness of the surface MDF boards is 6 mm instead of the usual 3 mm, which can withstand not only spraying or gluing, but also more demanding decoration.
  • There is a virtually endless variability of door surfaces - from natural veneer to CPL boards ready for repainting or decorating.
  • The doors are treated on all sides (not just the visible edge), which ensures greater durability in wet areas
  • Easier and faster assembly - the entire structure is delivered assembled and equipped with protective elements for easy installation.
  • And the ninth reason? They are simply unique and beautiful ..