Luxury interior of a family house LIBEREC

Doors and hidden door frames in an above-standard family house.

The house has two hearts. Fireplace for the winter season and a covered terrace for the summer. On the first floor there are living rooms, living room with kitchen, technical background of the house, garage. In the western part of the floor plan of the 1st floor there is a private part for parents with a bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.
The second floor is used for children or guests. There are two children's rooms with a bathroom. Everyone has their own space. The floors are connected by a staircase located in the living room.

Hidden door frames and doors with wood paneling.

FORTIUS doors and hidden door frames


Hidden LINUS skirting board

Implementation of hidden frames and doors in wood paneling

Almost invisible DORSIS door
Almost invisible door in a hidden frame. Hidden in a wooden siding.
Luxury interior of a family house. Implementation of hidden door frames DORSIS
All-glass sliding door from DORSIS