VITRUM frameless glass doors

the VITRUM glass door is a beautiful and modern interior element

Universal for opening inward and outward

Designed for nominal headway up to 2800 mm

Multipurpose for drywall as well as brick walls

Subtle and yet rigid

Excellent price/performance ratio

Nejjednodušší cesta pro nezávaznou cenovou nabídku na Vaše nové dveře.

The frameless glass doors are also a favourite door solution because they meet all the ideas of a functional, practical and timeless element in any modern interior. Using the VITRUM system, the glass can also be installed into a concealed door frame. We supply both clear glass and satin/sandblasted/ or with various decorations and patterns. The hardened glass used for frameless glass door leaves ensures the rigidity and safety of the entire system and separates the individual spaces in the interior.

For VITRUM concealed door frames, we use a concealed door frame identical as the one for wooden leaves, it is just necessary to use the special hinges and a magnetic latch handle. This system also enables a key lock, WC lock or FAB cylinder lock, including a double leaf door solution. Concealed door frames are available in both typical dimensions and non-standard versions for single leaf as well as double leaf doors. As in all other cases, we can fit the VITRUM concealed door frame into both brick wall and drywall partitions.


The VITRUM concealed door frames by DORSIS s.r.o. are available in both standard and non-standard dimensions for single-leaf and double-leaf frameless glass doors. This system can be used for brick walls as well as drywall partitions. It is necessary to use special fittings including hinges for all frameless glass door leaves using the VITRUM concealed door frame.

All technical information can be found in the section download/VITRUM frameless glass door ke stažení / celoskleněné dveře VITRUM