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Trends in housing have been dominated for several years by a minimalist approach to interior and architecture. The interiors are dominated by clean lines and geometric shapes, unnecessary elements are suppressed or even eliminated. Thanks to the hidden DORSIS door frame, it is possible to achieve the construction of a clean, undisturbed space. Whether it is hidden door frames, unlined casings or aluminum partitions, in any case it is a carefully assembled functional and design interior accessory.

Door with hidden frame

Doors with a hidden doorframe are not new on the Czech market. Why are doors with a hidden DORSIS door frame popular among architects and interior designers? DORSIS bases itself on even the smallest details, which ultimately form a top-notch product. The main priority of the company Dorsis is the production, development and implementation of detailed products. The secret of success is in technology, precision and quality of workmanship.

Perfect technology of aluminum profiles

The profile of the DORSIS door frame is made of aluminum alloy and has been developed so that none for it
space or material was not limiting. It can be used without problems in both masonry and plasterboard constructions. The construction of the hidden door frame with hidden hinges allows the installation of a right or left door leaf with the possibility of opening outwards or inwards while maintaining the integrity of the view. The height of the ceiling is not the limit either. The concealed DORSIS door frame can be fitted without an upper lintel up to the ceiling. The door thus opens just below the ceiling and its height can exceed three meters. Installation without an upper lintel also allows atypizing the shape of the door leaf - for example by chamfering. This design finds its use in attic spaces. The hidden DORSIS door frame has another great feature, and that is the variability of the surface design. This is because the special aluminum alloy enables the surface treatment with Komaxit powder paint in all possible RAL shades. In this way, it is possible to achieve perfect integration of the door frame into the wall or, conversely, this design element can be highlighted. DORSIS offers two types of aluminum profile, DURUS and FORTIUS. The difference between them is in the design features and in the interior, both variants can be used, according to the design options or requirements of the client.

The door makes a wing

Tailor-made door leaves are further proof of perfectionism. The perfectly processed door leaf can be in both wooden and glass versions. It is always made of high quality materials. The surface of the door, whether with wood veneer or painted with high-quality polyurethane paint, perfectly fulfills the ideas of the customer or the architect who designs the interior. Distinctive colors and decors can literally light up the door, neutral and inconspicuous shades or the same color or veneer as on the wall can completely hide them. This year's novelty is the possibility of finishing the surface of the door leaf in the color of 2018. Ultraviolet. The colored surface of the door leaf can be in both matt and high-gloss finish, thus satisfying any taste.

Sliding doors

If the interior (for example for space reasons) requires a more economical door design, the DORSIS company offers the ideal solution for sliding doors with a liner. This means that the door leaf does not slide along the wall, but slides into its own housing, which is built into the partition and then plastered. The interior is thus free of unnecessary elements such as rails and cover panels. Visually, the space remains intact and makes the interior design stand out. The sliding door leaf can be made of both wood and glass. Glass can be made in many variants - clear, sandblasted, or treated with decor in the form of plotter cut foil. There are no limits to the imagination.

Aluminum industrial partitions

An absolute novelty inspired by industrial spaces are all-glass aluminum partitions DIGERO. They are based on the popular style of New York loft apartments and are very popular not only with architects and interior designers. The tempered glass plate is inserted into the aluminum frame and divided by aluminum strips into individual fields, which can be in any ratio. The most popular design of aluminum strips is in black lacquer, other color variants are of course possible. It is possible to insert both all-glass opening doors and sliding doors in an aluminum frame into the partition.

Pivot door

Another novelty from DORSIS is the pivot door AXON. It is a revolving door, mounted on a pivot hinge. These doors can be all-glass, as well as wooden or glass in an aluminum frame. The door hinge can be seated either in the middle, when the axis of rotation is created in the center of the door leaf and thus allows it to rotate 360 ​​°, or in one third. It fits into all design interiors, whether they are private apartments or office space.

Beautiful safety

DORSIS does not only focus on design. The popularity of DORSIS products has begun to push the boundaries of possibilities. Cutting-edge technologies and constant development have given rise to fire and security doors. The client can thus enjoy quality design and execution together with confidence in a perfect product that will withstand even the unexpected. The company DORSIS is a clear choice for anyone who craves an original interior with timeless design elements.